The Singer-Songwriters night at the Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport

Blue Cat Café is a lovely venue located in Stockport. That Monday night, something was brewing around my vocal chords. But still I went for it, the aim being to never have to cancel any gig (all tied with the right to be hopeful ;)). Danny, the host, clearly loves music and looks after his guest artists. So I got lemon in a hot drink and some cloves. Krazy Horse opened the night with energy and great music served on the bed of his experience as a long-time touring artist, living La Bohème ;). Edwin Miles was there, accompanied on the cajon by Camille, who mastered the instrument both with his foot that he dragged onto the drum skin and his hands, both giving rhythm to the whole affair. Another great performance from the “I’ve gotta say” Bahrain&Saudi-Arabia bred British singer-songwriter (Edwin that is). In between these two great talents, I squeezed in 4 songs (a bit of a cheat in a night that takes 3 songs per artist but I was expressly allowed, so thanks for that, Danny ;)) The Blue Cat Café has a great audience of music lovers. Among them was Jill (to whom I dedicated The fifth element), who came out of her own busy musician schedule to hear me sing that night. I sang Open your eyes, Free like smoke, and introduced Out of the Black as the title track of the forthcoming album, and really enjoyed the positive vibe.

Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport, Mondays, Artists/Bands looking for gigs at Blue Cat Café email Danny and send CDs/publicity material to 17 Shaw Rd, Stockport, SK4 4AG.

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