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Silence No More

Play: Lyrics Silence is golden yet my caged soul needs to sing Silence off her chest and free my inner string Lift the veil that she throws when she...

Powder Masks

Powder Masks - Song Info Song language: English Lyrics: Tiki Black Music: Tiki Black Powder Masks - Lyrics verse 1. He paints an image of his life...

Out Of The Black

Play: Lyrics Verse 1. Pain sharpens the blade of her knife And swims my vein to twist each wound in my life Some pills dive in my soul to diffuse her...

Open Your Eyes

Lyrics Chorus: Open your eyes To the shining sun and the blue skies Open your eyes Have a bite of the moon O word Do not hide in...

Le Cinquième Elément

Play: Lyrics Je pleure des chansons de ma larme d'encre Et écoule le désespoir qui entière m'inonde Et me noie et m'immerge dans ce liquide cendre Me...


Play: Lyrics Verse 1. I know of a mountain as high as our fears rise And clothed of the many golden dresses of the same lies And its first wrinkle...


Lyrics, chords, video and more information for the song Escape. Escape - Song Lyrics She'd walk for long, she'd walk for far She'd sometimes run so...

Free Like Smoke

Play: Lyrics: Close your eyes, Pretend that nothing happened And believe that thus Truth will hide Close your mind, Pretend that you're ignorant And...


You can Play the song Etna, see the song lyrics, song chords and more information on the song Etna - Play Play: Etna - Lyrics Etna, The pressure hits...

Out of the Black (Album)

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Free Like Smoke (single feat. Jo Bywater)

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The City of Music Volume 2 compilation includes the track Listen

The City of Music vol. 2
34-track compilation
including Tiki Black’s ‘Listen’

Oxjam Music Festival CD 2013 side B

Oxjam Macclesfield 2013

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