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Oct 2018

Tiki Black’s music particularly stood out… she created an aurally encompassing, soulful experience with her accompanying keyboard music

Cabaret for Freedom special James Baldwin, live event, October 2018

The Mancunion Manchester Media Group

The Unscripted aka Under Your Spell sofasounds

Performing The Unscripted at SoFar Sounds Leeds

I was lucky enough to play twice at SoFar sounds this year, once at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool in February and the second time in Leeds on the 29th October 2018. I even had the opportunity to attend Sofar Manchester as a guest of American band Hope Country who I...
James Baldwin Cabaret for Freedom - Illustration by Stanley Chow

Performing at the Cabaret for Freedom special James Baldwin

For a second time, I have been invited to perform at the Cabaret of Freedom. It is once more happening on the week of my birthday, and it is among the most beautiful present anyone could ever given me, especially with the week I had been having. So, to find myself in...
all business media fm

Interview on All Business Media FM

Invited on All Business Media FM to introduce what it is that I do. The artist always itch at the idea that they are also a business. However, this was my opportunity to reconcile creativity and entrepreneurship under the umbrella of my story. 8 minutes is all that...
Maya Angelou Cabaret for Freedom - Illustration by Stanley Chow

Performing at Cabaret for Freedom, special Maya Angelou

Wouldn't she be proud, this giant on whose shoulders many of us have reverentially climbed. Wouldn't she be proud that her Cabaret of Freedom has been so inspirationally brought through to the next generation? It is there as the platform for discovering emerging...
Daniel Henney

Inspirational Daniel Henney

I have to admit this. After watching Shangai Call more times than I care to admit and Seducing Mr Perfect even more times if that were possible, there are no ways around it: I am in love with Daniel Henney. Ok, he IS good and athletic looking. But there is more to it...
We love Manchester - We ♥ MCR Emergency Fund

We love Manchester: Emergency Fund

I spent more days than I would have expected wondering about what happened to Manchester on the 22nd of May 2017. I felt sick and disoriented. I could not understand. I could not imagine me being so affected by something that happened a mile from me and did not affect...
Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen – That’s how the light gets in…

Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There's a crack in everything That's how the light gets in Leonard Cohen RIP 🌹 A plume without its equal has left a blank page... A crack in his imperfect offering of melodic stirring poetry, from a...
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