Chorus: Open your eyes To the shining sun and the blue skies Open your eyes Have a bite of the moon O word Do not hide in your cocoon

Pre-verse: Not a word and maybe not a pain But the pain grew And the silence I knew Was all in vain

Verse 1: In the beginning was the Word But the Word was made Taboo Now taboos rule the world With promises they woo So is it the difference, indifference That sows the seeds of ignorance That feeds oblivion, silence

Verse 2: In the end was silence And silence fed the taboo Now taboos lead the dance And rock and roll you Have memories shut their doors to the past? Do hearts fake ignorance against martyr? Do ears spit back out all that they hear?

End: Little secrets that empower the mighty few Persuading us that it’s peace of mind we choose And we’re brainwashed to think there are truths we can’t hold We wake up to realise that power feeds on the untold