Sounding The Sirens – Arts Council Project

The Sounding The Sirens project is the brain child of DJ, singer-songwriter and music agent Geli Berg. It  funded by focuses on our female associate performers – namely three of our female singer-songwriters:  .

The Arts Council COVID Emergency Funding funds the project. They commission three singer-songwriters, in this instance, Geli Berg, Tiki Black and Sarah Sayeed. These three singer-songwriters  write two songs each.  They then select mentors and session musicians from Lingua Franca World Music Agency to help them bring their creation to life!

The project allowed a number of people to keep working at a time musicians had been losing income and opportunities due to COVID and associated lockdown measures.  Links to three of the songs are below. Sometime in 2021, we expect to release audio tracks.

The two Tiki Black songs that came out of the Sounding The Sirens project are The Crown’s Crumbs and Home.

That Day That You Left – Geli Berg

Home – Tiki Black

Endless Conversation – Sarah Sayeed

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