A stunning and intense concert… stir the audience to tears… with her distinctive voice that showed once again its particular class“, The Next Gig reviews performances at Cafe Nummer 13, Cafe Podium Peter en Leni, Tolbert and Festival Art Carnivale Steendam, 2016

Tiki Black worthy of number 1 in Cafe Nummer 13,

GASSELTERNIVEEN – Café number 13 in Gasselternijveen has only recently opened. In the building of the former Hotel Niehove, a flourishing and fascinating place is emerging with, it is intended, regular live music. Tiki Black was the first artist on this list. The British singer gave a wonderful and intense concert on the terrace of the cafe. The day before, Black managed to move the audience to tears at Art Carnivale and at Podium Peter & Leni in Steendam with her songs that dig deep and with her special voice that knows how to touch them. Even fans from Great Britain had come over for the performance. Black opened her first set with the beautiful ‘Listen’. Each song gets a nice explanation, which deepens the experience. Along come beautiful songs like ‘ The Other Woman’ from her forthcoming album due next year and ‘Out of the Black’ and ‘Free Like Smoke’ from her debut album. The beautiful piano playing of Tiki Black is striking. She has an enormous range on the piano, which allows her to create surprising sounds. Highlights were the brilliant ‘Silence No More’, a song also used in a French film, and ‘Escape’. Tiki black writes beautiful lyrics that leave the superficiality far behind. They are songs about self-development, independence and freedom. The artist from Manchester grabs you straight away with her work, although a part of the audience is certainly not touched. Born of parents from Cameroon in France, Black also played a beautiful song in one of the many languages ​​from that African country, where she spent part of her childhood. Tiki Black is an artist who deserves the big stages and can break through to the general public with her next album. If that is the case, they can say nicely at Café Number 13 that Tiki Black was the first artist to ever perform with them. A special and quirky artist who makes absolutely no concessions when it comes to her songs.  

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