Your way is a contemporary Folk song written and composed as a quiet walz by Tiki Black. It appears as a the bonus track and lullaby in Tiki Black’s second album.

The Story

“I wrote the lyrics of Your Way as part of an online poetry contest about expressing Tenderness. And yes, for me Tenderness is the breath of love on pain and chaos. It is the tear of love on the desert of a drained mind. And it is the smile of love on our childish pigheadedness. It is an expression of love.

I was reminded, as I wrote it, of an actual event. I was coming back home from work, exhausted and did it show. A friend met me in that state. Rather than seeking to show off his wit and genius by stating the obvious as many would, he simply press his lips on my forehead. That, to me, said that nothing needed to be said. It said, I understand. We connected as humans, knowing both what we daily undergo and how some days it just drains the life out of us. Your Way was born.

I could be a little greedy and point out that a hug would have nicely rounded up (sorry for the pun) the act. But then, this song would be a lot longer and might have just lost some of its simplicity along with the brevety. As much as I do love my hugs, this initial gesture was love, unencumbered with sexual tensions, noisy linguistics, superfluous gestures.

Maya Angelou said that ‘people don’t remember what you say but how you make them feel’. Only a true friend makes you sigh out the toxicity of life with the simplest of gestures, motivated by the purest of intentions and the sincerest empathy. It is also because of him that these lyrics exists and that the melody and music too came out 3 weeks after the poem made it to number 2.

The Lyrics

It is the breath of your love
On my messy hair
On the nape of my broken neck

It is the fresh tear of love
On my cracked lips
On my dried up mind

It is the rainbow, the smile of your love
On my stubbornness

But no more… rather simply
It is your love talking to me
It is not you, It is me…
As I feel you
It is not what love can say
But love saying it your way