The Other Woman is a Folk-Blues song written and composed by singer-songwriter Tiki Black. It features in her second album. It speaks of the blame game represented by the popular phrase.


The Other Woman made your troubled bed
She lies between you and your beloved
Strike the Serpent of Old Nile with your knee
Restore Love’s perfect harmony
The Other Woman

Hang her silky voice by the last thread
Of a corset you’ve tightly fitted
To exhale Mademoiselle Libertine
Out of Your much respectable skin
The Other Woman

Hunt the loose heart, aim at your target
And let righteousness coat your bullet
When you shoot the Femme Fatale
Out of your home’s morale
The Other Woman

You’ve seen her before
You broke that mirror
You walked out that door
You’ve lost her for sure
Then what is she still doing here

Wash the holy hands that sealed her fate
Pride before reflections of your hate
With no other woman to cloud what you see
Discover you’re the cheating lady
(You’re) The other woman (yes you are)