The Crown’s Crumbs

Lyrics written by: Tiki Black
Music composed by: Tiki Black
Song language: English
Album: The Sound Of The Broken Wand
Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Folk, Fusion, Jazzy-Folk
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About The Crown’s Crumbs

Tiki Black - The Sound of the broken wand Album Cover : The Debt, A Ghost Of Me, The Unscripted, Nobody Knows, The Crown's Crumbs, The Other Woman, The Sound Of The Broken Wand, Release Me, Colour Me Blue, Your Way (Bonus)The Crown’s Crumbs is a piece born out of the Sounding Sirens project. Artist Geli Berg initiated and named the Sounding Sirens project with the aim to empower female musicians. Three female singer-songwriters contributed two songs each. Tiki Black’s contribution included The Crown’s Crumbs, lyrics and music. This jazzy Folk song in 6/8 is now included as part of Tiki’s second album, The Sound Of The Broken Wand.

The Crown’s Crumbs Lyrics

Verse 1: I’ll follow you when you know the way to wear your crown
Love is no sacrifice but a gift, don’t be a lamb
Although your trail of crimson’s juicy, I am starved
It’s such a waste to leak all the way, you’re gonna lose my heart

Verse 2: I’ll follow you when you share your aim, your love, your heart
Love’s no silence but a melody that breaks debt’s wand
Although your crumbs of loving are so sweet, I am starved
It’s not enough to take me your way, you’re gonna lose my mind

Middle 8: I wish I knew
How to unlove you
We are both losers in this rhyme

Verse 3: I’ll follow you when you know the way to play your part
Love was always a ward not a game, no rules, no trials
Navigating your clues is thrilling, but I am starved
If love was ever a murder mystery, you would have lost my life

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