Silence No More

Lyrics written by: Tiki Black
Music composed by: Tiki Black
Song language: English
Album: Out Of The Black
Genre(s): Singer-songwriter, Folk, Classical, New Folk, Contemporary Folk, Adult Contemporary, Fusion
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About Silence No More

Silence No More is a New Folk song infused with Classical elements. It is written and composed by Tiki Black. The track is included in her debut album Out of The Black. It also features as the main soundtrack in the short film Silence by Glad Amog Lemra alongside some gorgeous music choices.

Silence No More Lyrics

Silence is golden yet my caged soul needs to sing
Silence off her chest and free my inner string
Lift the veil that she throws when she adorns my throat
While she squeezes the life out of my every note
Silence no more

Silence is wisdom once the answers in the wind
Are with mind and tongue as one intertwinned
Only then can she spin her web around my chest
And give my loyal muse a well-deserved rest
Silence no more

Silence is made in heaven so will speak no hell
Denies her peer word the living right to spell
Covers up this madness that’s tearing me apart
And sates her holy void with my muffled heart
Silence no more

Silence is paradise where I delay to stay
For silence advertise(s) a lifetime holiday
And before you know it, you’re confined to a hole
And cannot move a chord to the call of your soul
Silence no more

Silence sealed my lips with a kiss twice a dime
Silence since her tongue is the blade of her crime
Silence held my breath, filled my space, took my time
Silence is the spell that I break with this rhyme
Silence no more

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