Powder Masks

Lyrics written by: Tiki Black
Music composed by: Tiki Black
Song language: English
Album: Out Of The Black
Genre(s): Jazz, Folk, Singer-Songwriter
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About Powder Masks

Powder Masks is a Jazz- and Classical-infused Folk song (Fusion Folk as it were) written and composed by singer-songwriter Tiki Black. It speaks of the scripted make-up our faces parade to harbour our true selves from the perceived judgement and condemnation of society.  It’s the eighth track on the debut album of the New Folk musician, Out Of The Black. You can listen to the song right here.

Powder Masks Lyrics

verse 1. He paints an image of his life
With more lies, with more pretending
Powder masks spread with a knife
Funny, isn’t it

verse 2. He gets out and faces the world His face coloured with the script’s pen He plays his role with his heart curled Till the curtain falls and then

chorus. The mask tears out Make up tears away It isn’t funny now The clown breathes again

verse 3. From his choices he tastes the pain Still he smiles and says he’s free While his heart bleeds a bitter rain Funny isn’t it
verse 4. His life is the fluid that goes With the streams of expectations With the whims of trends his day flows Till the night falls and then

chorus. The mask lies down And gives his life a rest I guess No more lies now The clown breathes again

bridge. Will the mask fall as I bend Curtsy of this west-end trend Cut set me free my friend And sound of this act the end

chorus. The mask tears out And pride tears away It isn’t funny now His tears flow again, His tears flow again cos he’s free

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