Nobody Knows is a song written and composed by Andrew T Branch, Sara Azriel and Tiki Black. The song has a contemporary singer-songwriter vibe to it. It was created during a lovely music retreat in France.  World-renowned music publisher and songwriting mentor Judy Stakee organised that 2017 retreat. The attraction in Judy’s methods is her way of taking into account the artist as a whole, body, mind and soul. This transpires in the bonds created, the art birthed and the emotions exchanged. Nobody Knows is the fruit of the gift this mentor shared. She created a faciliating environment and settings that kindle the muse’s spark, in a wya that would make Brad Bird proud. I actually wrote 32 songs while I was there. This is without counting the collaborative works, And with all that, I was only there 7 days.
This version of Nobody Knows is part of the sophomore album. Check out the talents that contributed to the oeuvre. Andrew T Branch and Sara Azriel.

Music Sheet and Track available here as physical and digital download.