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Escape – Song Lyrics

She’d walk for long, she’d walk for far She’d sometimes run so much she’s fast
She’d try to escape her ghosts But isn’t she getting lost? She’d want to run, run

She’d hit the shelter of her pain She’d whip it all on to kill the insane
She’d try to escape misery She feels so is she? She wants to run, run

She’d fill and fool her needs of love with What’s left of news, what’s left of machos
She’d try to escape being lonely Is she forsaken, is she free? She wants to run, run

She’d turn her life a shrink-time story And cut it short to fit the hour
She’d try to escape destiny Has time ever been so much money? She wants to run, run

She’d lock herself from outside worlds Cos so much pain waits at her doors
Is she trying to escape her life Or running to feel alive She wants to run, run

Escape – Song chords

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Song Information

Song language: English
Lyrics: Tiki Black
Music: Tiki Black