Colour Me Blue

Lyrics written by: Tiki Black
Music composed by: Tiki Black
Song language: English
Album: The Sound Of The Broken Wand
Genre(s): Blues, Singer-songwriter, Folk, Fusion Folk
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About Colour Me Blue

Colour me Blue is a Folk – Blues track from Tiki Black’s second album, The Sound Of The Broken Wand.

Colour Me Blue Lyrics

You heard the sound
Of the broken wand
I’m cutting the cord
No ground for discord

I’m the prodigal child
Colour me wild
Colour me blue
Colour me, do

Such a big debt to pay
I was bound to stay
With no room to grow
I twisted and broke

With this Stockholm syndrome
i coloured you home
Colour me blue
Colour me, do

Piaf loves la vie en rose
I love me la vie en blue

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