A Ghost of Me

Lyrics written by: Tiki Black, Chris Whiting
Music composed by: Tiki Black, Chris Whiting, Boo Hewerdine
Song language: English
Album: The Sound Of The Broken Wand
Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Ballad, Waltz, New Folk, Contemporary Folk, Art Folk, Fusion
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About A Ghost of Me

A Ghost of Me is a contemporary Folk song borrowing elements of Jazz, Waltz and Country. The piece was written by Tiki Black, Chris Whiting with Boo Hewerdine (from the band The Bible) during a songwriting retreat. It is the second track in the sophomore album of singer-songwriter Tiki Black, The sSound Of The Broken Wand.

A Ghost Of Me Lyrics

Sorry if I sigh, a wave that you can’t see
Trapped beyond reality
And all that you have left
A ghost of me

Sorry if I fade, breath on your mirror
Lost inside a memory
And all that you have left
A ghost of me

It can take a lifetime to pick yourself up
Rebuilding the puzzle with grains of sand
A bitter whisper is blowing my way
Tears of frustration pool in my hand

Sorry if I drift, no one to call ‘home’
Since you…
And all that I have left
A ghost of me

(c) Tiki Black, Chris Whiting 2012-now

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