Huge thanks to Andre from for his lovely words about my first single The Unscripted.

With its unique vocal performance, beautifully written lyrics, and elegant melodic concepts,
‘The Unscripted’ is a lovingly crafted piece of songwriting that matures with every subsequent listen

– Andre, The Unscripted on

Read the full review for The Unscripted and hear a version on

The Unscripted is the first release from my sophomore album, The Sound of the Broken Wand. I have played it during different gigs and particularly at Sofar Sounds in Leeds. It is a story about coming out of a difficult or even a toxic situation. It was not about COVID or coming out of that situation we have been in for far too long, but I can see why he could be construed as such and I am ok with that too. At the end of the day, if it helps people free themselves from a stagnant or bad place, it is a win-win.

The single will soon be available. Producer, mixing and mastering engineering Russell Cottier is finalising the album. The musicians who made the single so are Ben Gladwin – Piano, Vicky Reid – Cello, Daniel J Logan – Percussions, Jonathan M Crump – Bass, Russell Cottier – Violin. Alongside these, I am working on one or more music videos. Follow Tiki Black on Bandcamp and Tiki Black on YouTube to find out when the single and the music video(s) come out.