The City of Music vol. 2 (K’s Choice)


Get the music compilation The City of Music vol. 2 featuring Tiki Black’s Listen


The City of Music vol. 2 is a 34-track music compilation that includes Listen

This compilation album, volume 2, features 34 songs from 34 local artists who have played at or have otherwise been associated with K’s Choice.

In this collection we are proud to include contributions from several award-winning and award-nominated artists, such as Vanessa MurrayThom MorecroftAlexandra Jayne, the Southbound Attic Band and Robert Vincent.  K’s Choice is also proud of providing a showcase for those just starting on their musical journey, teenagers like Millie Courtney and Eleanor Nelly are featured alongside the (let’s say) more mature artists with a lifetime of musical experience, guys like Billy Kelly and Tom O’Rourke.

Some of the songs, like those from Anne Marie Howard and Terry Gray are stripped back acoustic numbers, while other artists like Rob Jones & Rob White and Caroline England offer full studio productions.  Whatever your taste, you will find plenty to enjoy!

This collection spans a variety of styles covering several decades, different fashions and even cultures – some of the songs are deep and meaningful, while others are frothy and fun, but remember this as you listen (and hopefully enjoy!) – every single tune is an original composition.

K’s Choice – The City of Music 2

Disc 1

  1. Gary Gardner – Privileged
  2. Hannah Kewn – Tell Me Straight
  3. Shoes4Brakes – Stay (G. Jones)
  4. Alexandra Jayne – 1969
  5. Iain Till – Song For Lennie
  6. Vanessa Murray – Life’s Too Short
  7. Carlos & the Jackal – Let’s Pretend
  8. Caroline England – On Reserve
  9. Thom Morecroft – Daisy
  10. Mary McCombs – Spending Time
  11. Terry Naylor – A Song In My Head
  12. Chris Callander – Silence Can Talk
  13. Millie Courtney – Feels Like Heaven
  14. Southbound Attic Band – The Ballad of George and Maude
  15. Rob Jones & Rob White – Some Other Where (R. Jones)
  16. Futurejack – Read My Lips (A. Rose)
  17. Derek King – Villainess!

Disc 2

  1. Jon Lawton – Beautiful Accident
  2. Freda & The High Tides – Best Kind of Crazy
  3. Robert Vincent – The Passage
  4. Tiki Black – Listen
  5. Simon McKelvie – When I Am With You
  6. Tom O’Rourke – Ode to ‘K’
  7. Terry Gray – Little Miss Sunshine
  8. Anne Marie Howard – Secrets Of The Skies
  9. Billy Kelly – By The Time I Get To Bootle
  10. Eleanor Nelly – Dark Wood
  11. Karl McCann – Hunter’s Moon
  12. Matt Carroll – To A New Beginning
  13. Three Minute Hero – Lost In Music (S. Todd)
  14. P’chenga – Teach Them With Kindness
  15. Simon Cousins – When Bad Love Is Better Than No Love
  16. Cal Ruddy – Get Out Of The Darkness
  17. Herringbone John – Martin Luther King Said

Album sequenced by Jon Lawton at Crosstown Studios, Liverpool

Album compiled by Derek King 

Sleeve photography and artwork by Kayley Cope


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