Silence No More in the soundtrack of short film Silence ($ILENC€)

The track Silence No More by award-winning singer-songwriter Tiki Black was chosen to fully feature on the new short film $ILENC€ by multi-award winning filmmaker Glad Amog Lemra.

About the film

The film is in tune with the reality of Africa. It stages the contrasting landscapes of dizzying growth rates that got Africa praised for ‘stepping into the capitalist era’ and the surprising and the deafening silence that see the most fundamental rights of the African people violated.

In 16 minutes, the short film expresses without dialogues and in black and white the filmmaker’s loss for words towards a situation that continues after African 1960s independence, and through this method, gives viewers the freedom to analyse it for themselves. What balance can there be between the hope of an African youth aspiring to democracy, to the respect of human rights and to the opportunity for a better future when faced with multinationals and governments elected by the dictates of private interests?

Silence Soundtrack

The film’s music was very carefully selected to complement the movie. It includes the sounds of international music artist Lokua Kanza, a song written and made famous by revolutionary music artisan Franklin Boukaka, singer/guitarist/percussionist Samba Ngo and of course Tiki Black’s own Silence No More.

The short film by Glad Amog Lemra is self-produced by Glad Amog Lemra and Florence Akoa Elomo (Akoa Productions)


The film will be premiered on Tuesday, June the 14th, 2016 at 14:30 at the French “Maison des Artistes” ( Artists’ House) (SACD) – 7 rue Ballu 75009 in Paris.

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