Out Of The Black

The Award-Winning Debut Album

a brilliant work of art” – Liverpool Sound And Vision, UK
nothing short of a masterpiece” – YourMusicNews, Canada
a captivating, rich sound” – Marquix Global Network, USA
deep and soulful… simply stunning” – Fatea Magazine, UK
gorgeous collection… truly memorable” The Akademia, USA
a goose bumps affair… a great album” – The Next Gig, The Netherlands
Un monde de douceur poétique et de vérités saillantes” – Coeur à Coeur Acoustique, France
impressive music… intelligent lyrics… easy to listen to” – Fab On, Japan
her debut album is a must” – JTMusic, UK
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When pain hits, I hold my breath so she thinks me dead…
or better yet, I express myself Out Of The Black. This album is that release… Tiki

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Music/Lyrics – Tiki Black

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