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Tiki Black’s music particularly stood out… she created an aurally encompassing, soulful experience with her accompanying keyboard music”, The Mancunion Manchester Media Group reviews Cabaret for Freedom special James Baldwin, October 2018.

A stunning and intense concert… stir the audience to tears… with her distinctive voice that showed once again its particular class“, The Next Gig reviews performances at Cafe Nummer 13, Cafe Podium Peter en Leni, Tolbert and Festival Art Carnivale Steendam, 2016

“… an international artist in the street giving a performance. That happened in the Old Court in Tolbert with a garden concert for all residents.” (Zomaar een internationaal artiest in de straat die een  optreden geeft. Dat gebeurde in de Oude Hof in Tolbert bij een tuinconcert voor alle bewoners.),  Cindy Carving for Midweek, (26 Jul 2016)

a writer immersed in the melancholic beauty of Chopin, French Chanson and of Leonard Cohen…”, David Burke, R2 (Rock’n’Reel) Mag vol 56 (March 2016)

“Nice voice complementary music…. i see good things”, (09 Oct 2015)

“One of the most beautiful voices ever”, (18 Aug 2015) The Next Gig reviews the Netherlands tour

“L’ensemble est à la fois sobre, intense, maîtrisé et porté par une voix suave et touchante.” (The whole thing is all at once sober, intense, controlled and supported by a suave and touching voice.)  (28 Jun 2015) La Gazette de Paris

“the deep and dulcet tones of Tiki Black filled the vast yet somehow intimate venue through a personal and moving set accompanied by just her piano” (31 Mar 2015) Get into this reviews Threshold Festival 2015

” een kippevelaffaire. Tijdloze, warme muziek met een boodschapeen geweldig album.” (a goose bumps affair . Timeless , warm music with a message…  a great album) (14 Jun 2015) – The Next Gig

“Absolutely beautiful”
Rob Ellen closes The Medicine Show on with the track Listen (11 Mar 2015) – Rob Ellen’s Medicine show on Mixcloud

“There are moments when the planets align and everything is wonderful with the world… That happened with the collaboration of Tiki Black and Jo Bywater… One of my favourite songs of the year”, Radio Host Rick Stuart about the collaboration of Tiki Black and Jo Bywater on Free Like Smoke

“The introduction promised wonders from Tiki Black, and absolutely delivered.” – Nantwich News’ Live Review @ Enzo, Nantwich Words and Music Festival Acoustic Event (Oct 2014)

Tiki Black propose un bel univers et sa voix chaude et grave est un bien joli guide dans le voyage qu’elle propose, Portrait d’artiste, Chantal  Epée, Coeur à coeur Acoustique (2014)

La pianiste Tiki Black a su mettre en évidence, tout le précieux qu’elle porte en elle dans cet opus.” – Tribune2lartiste chronique l’album Out of the Black, France (Sep 2014)

Laissez-vous porter…” – My head is a jukebox chronique l’album Out of the Black, France (2014)

Un monde de douceur poétique et de vérités saillantes” (A world of poetic sweetness and salient truths) – Coeur à Coeur Acoustique, France (Mar 06, 2014)

“impressive music… intelligent lyrics… easy to listen to” – –  Fab On, Japan (Mar 12, 2014)

What an honour, a rare privilege…moments of extraordinary vision…” – Liverpool Sound and Vision, UK reviews Out of the Black LP (Jan 2014)

“… gorgeous collection of songs… truly memorable” – The Akademia, USA, Nov 2013 Music Awards

“…nothing short of a masterpiece” – YourMusicNews (Canada) reviews Out of The Black LP (2013)

Warm, embracing and timeless… a solid debut indeed” – Spiral Earth, UK reviews Out of the Black LP (2013)

Singer-songwriter Tiki Black’s music always has an affect. Whether it be to deeply move, or to create a sense of quiet contemplation, Black’s beautiful piano-based music is world’s away from ordinary.. Each song carries an equal amount of strength and delicacy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sat next to Tiki Black at the piano, as she works her magic on the keys.” – Right Chord Music features and reviews Powder Masks and Out of the Black

“Her profound lyrics and beautiful vocal and piano arrangements are quickly garnering this singer-songwriter global respect… a captivating, rich sound.” Brandon Scott, Marquix Global Network, USA – interview (Jul 28, 2014)

“J’ai tout simplement été touchée au cœur.” (She simply touched my heart) Marthe-Ghislaine Ekambi Dayas-Eyoum,, France – review (Jun 23, 2014)

“A deep and soothing voice absolutely dripping with emotions… what a beautiful lyricist” – The Alt Student Guide MCR, England The Alt Student Guide Manchester (UK) reviews Tiki Black live and on (Out of the Black) tour at the Night and Day Café 21 Feb 2014 (Feb 24, 2014)

Lyrically as well as musically alluring… moments of extraordinary vision” – Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound And Vision, England reviews Out of the Black LP (Jan 14, 2014)

Lush keys, beautiful melodies and distinct vocals make this gorgeous collection of songs truly memorable.
The Akademia, USA reviews Out of the Black LP (Nov 15, 2013) – 

“… lovely, meaningful, soulful…” – – Radio host Bob Meyer about the song Swollen, Bob’s Folk Show, RadioWey, 2012

“Warm, embracing and timeless, a solid debut indeed.” – – Spiral Earth, UK reviews Out of the Black LP (Sep 12, 2013)

“deep and soulful… simply stunning”Fatea Magazine, UK reviews Out of the Black LP, Jul 18, 2013

“her debut album is a must”JTMusic reviews live gig and Out of the Black album, Jul 2013

“These are songs that tug at the heartstrings without ever giving the impression they were written purely to do so (…) There is obvious talent here…”
– Peter Robinson, Glasswerk (Oct 16, 2010)

“Hypnotising” – The Echo, Loughborough (UK) (May 20, 2011)


Tiki Black – In The Booth With Ruth Oct 14, 2014
profound lyrics… beautiful vocal and piano arrangement… a captivating, rich sound” – Marquix Global Network, USA (2014)
Aldora Britain Records – Swollen: Our interview with the superb Tiki Black! Nov 18, 2013
“this publication is in love with this artist’s music.” – Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA, Junior’s Cave (May 24, 2013)