Release Me

Lyrics written by: Tiki Black
Music composed by: Tiki Black
Song language: English
Album: The Sound Of The Broken Wand
Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Classical, New Folk, Art Folk, Romantic, Contemporary Folk, Fusion
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About the song Release Me

Release Me is a contemporary Folk song by singer-songwriter Tiki Black. It is included in her sophomore album Tiki Black - The Sound of the broken wand Album Cover : The Debt, A Ghost Of Me, The Unscripted, Nobody Knows, The Crown's Crumbs, The Other Woman, The Sound Of The Broken Wand, Release Me, Colour Me Blue, Your Way (Bonus)The Sound of the Broken Wand as track number 8 and last 4 minutes and 17 seconds. The song is written and composed by Tiki Black. Originally, the track was composed as a traditional duet, that is sung by two people. It is now a duet of a single person’s 2 inner voices.

Release Me Lyrics

You speak at me a flowery spell
And wrap my heart in a fairy cell
You hug my wrist with a golden chain
Then drag me down where lies your pain

You take me up and down your ride
And hang me where it swells your pride
You make me up till the true me bends
Then drop me where your vision ends

Release me

You tease at me a flowery smell
And wrap my heart in your lovely shell
You catch my thoughts inside your smile
Then drag me down when lies your bile

You take me up and down your whims
And hug me until I can’t breathe
You paint my hopes with a dark hole
As I fall for the bars around your soul

Release me

When your body wants to sing Hallelujah
And you weaken to your knees into a prayer
Remember love is surrender
Come on, let go, give into your saviour

Release me