Lyrics written by: Tiki Black
Music composed by: Tiki Black
Song language: English
Album: Out Of The Black
Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter, Fusion Folk, Folk
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Listen – About the song

Listen is a modern Folk song with elements of Gospel written and composed by singer-songwriter Tiki Black. A version is included as the second track of the musician’s debut album, Out Of The Black.

Listen Lyrics

Verse 1. I know of a mountain as high as our fears rise
And clothed of the many golden dresses of the same lies
And its first wrinkle settles in the cell where the why died
And swiftly deeply anchors where habits abide

Verse 2. I know of a fountain as low as our faith lies
It reflects the many promises of a higher prize
And the bait is taken in the cell where the why died
And leaves us hooked and hanging high and dry

Bridge. (Instrumental)

Verse 3. Our journey is unwritten yet the signs lead our lives
And the letter of the law rules while its spirit dies
Every shortcut leads us then to the cell where the why died
So did the why die so we can merely survive?