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The Book Review Directory editorial reviewThe Book Review Directory writes about The Sound Of The Broken Wand: The Poems:

“The lessons and life applications in Tiki Black’s poetry echo across humanity”.

This line is an extract from their editorial review. In it, the Book Review Directory reviews the debut collection poetry. The author Tiki Black chose to express herself in this genre that whose lyricism and inner pace parallels her other career as a singer-songwriter and touring performing musician. The Book Review Directory concentrates on the pieces “A Ghost Of Me“, “The Poisoned Apple”, “The Captor and The Key” and “Reflections”. Tiki Black and Chris White wrote “A Ghost Of Me” lyrics at a retreat for a song available for listen here. The song is part of the accompanying album of the same name (as the book). “The Poisoned Apple” and “The Captor and The Key” are much longer standalone poems. “Reflections” is an essay.

About The Sound Of The Broken Wand

The Sound of The Broken Wand is a collection of poems and one essay that encourages us to emancipate and break the wands of survival to allow for creative growth and freedom. It contains 24 pieces are centred around 6 themes implicitly present in all stories: the blood (representing life and death), the cage (representing prison and refuge), the mirror (reflection and deflection), the crown (power and duty/debt), the shoe (journeys and unbeaten paths) and the wand (bewitchment and magic).

The Book Review Directory editorial review of The Sound Of The Broken Wand is found here.

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