TV Interview on The Samy Priso Show

My first TV interview was a daunting experience. I realised something I had put in the back of my mind for a while: the fact that I always felt safe in the background, making things work from behind the scenes. This whole process of coming out of the Black, coming out of hiding, coming out of myself was feeling so much more real every single step I took within the music realm, even though that had been my dream. I was going to have to face an image of me, not just still, where you can chose the one decent among the many taken. A motion picture, moving images are a thousand frames worth of pictures, a thousand shots that cannot be sorted through, none of which can be hidden… It was a welcome delay to the full exposure that I had a screen between myself and the audience but I knew that I would be ready to take the next step when it comes.

So I put all those distractions aside and took that step out… switched on the webcam… and turned onto the screen.

I am so grateful to the host and the wonderful team at The Samy Priso Show for their patience, hard work to make this TV feature the best it could be. The interview had its first broadcast on Afrotainment Channel, so many thanks to the channel and to the lovely messages I have had from viewers. It is now available on Youtube!