Tiki Black Wins Outstanding Legacy Award

The year 2022 proves to be a personal best for artist Tiki Black as she publishes a well-received companion book for her 2022 acclaimed second album, “The Sound of the Broken Wand” and wins the Akademia 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award.

UK/USA (July 7, 2022) – Award-winning musician and author Tiki Black released her sophomore album this year, which is entitled “The Sound Of The Broken Wand.” The record has received critical praise alluding to its timelessness, authenticity and quality. Entropy Mag (USA) underscores its “spellbinding beauty” and “grace.” Liverpool Sound and Vision (UK) calls it “influential,” “charming,” “uplifting,” and “outrageously cool.” Fatea magazine (UK) speaks of a “phenomenal album, full of soulful and haunting melodies that will capture your heart.”

Critics marvelled particularly at the power (Sinusoidal, Rock Era), uniqueness (Radioairplay) and range (Find No Enemy) of Black’s voice, as well as her authenticity and honesty (The Next Gig – Netherlands, Entropy). Edgar Allan Poets call their experience listening to the album “bewitching,” and compares it to that of Ulysses hearing the mermaids during the Odyssey. Music Authentic speaks of the rare treat to have such an artist in today’s musical noise. The audience too has taken to the sound, from live shows during Black’s current promotional tour to album streams on different platforms including Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

The superb musical collection and unique rendition of “The Sound Of The Broken Wand” benefits from its talented session musicians and its producer, Russell Cottier (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sony, Sky TV, Tamoki Wambesi Dove, etc.), the then resident sound engineer at the Grammy Award-winning Parr Street Studios where the record was engineered.

A further achievement graces the artist’s year and sets to vindicate her early supporters who recognised her talent long before the world caught on. The Singer-Songwriter Tiki Black this year was awarded the Akademia 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award. The Akademia seldom bestows this honor, reserving this award only for musicians who have “built a musical repertoire that the executive team has deemed timeless and important to future generations.” Announcing its winners in June of this year via live stream, the Akademia executive team made a bold statement, emphasizing the value they put on quality and inspirational creations over quantity.

Such a recognition contributes to increasing the popularity of “The Sound of the Broken Wand” as a favourite album of the year. And the audience is about to get even more of the concept album as the artist releases a complementing poetry collection. The book of the same name is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. A limited-edition hardback book including CD can be purchased on Bandcamp. Further encouraging emancipation, the poems explore the underlying themes in folk tales that accompanied our growth or may have accidentally hindered it.

This sophomore album follows a critically successful debut album, Out Of The Black. That concept album was deemed a “masterpiece” (YourMusicNews, Canada), and praised for its “impressive music” (FabOn, Japan), “warm, embracing and timeless” sound (Spiral Earth, U.K.), and “gorgeous… truly memorable” songs (The Akademia, USA). It confirms as does her acceptance speech this year, that the songstress insists on putting the time and meraki needed on every one of her musical creations to inspire and empower. The musical energy is encouraging and emancipating. Quality is paramount, and thus shines, unencumbered from the pressures and restrictions of time and trends.

Tiki Black is present on all major social media platforms. Her music is available via all major retailers and streaming services. The musician is currently promoting both her album and book widely. Audiences can find show dates and more information on her website at https://tikiblack.com.

About the musician and author

Tiki Black is an award-winning singer-songwriter, touring performer, recording artist and author praised for her unique vocal and piano performances, her inspiring lyricism and her profound and blended compositions. She has released two albums, “Out Of The Black” in 2013 and “The Sound of the Broken Wand” in 2022, accompanied by a book of the same name. Two of her songs appear in independent movies, the 2017 short Silence and the 2019 film Djoli. The artist mainly performs in English but has written songs in French as well as forewords for a couple of French books. The Outstanding Legacy Award is only one of the accomplishments of this artist. The musician is currently promoting her second album while completing the writing of the third.

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