Huge thanks to all for your display of love on my birthday 2015 (and around it)

Huge thanks to all the people who wished me a Happy Birthday in one way or the other. The amount of good wishes and lovely words have been overwhelming and I literally spent hours just responding to each individual because those words brought such a cushion of warmth in the cold and chaos that the world sometimes is. I hope to continue to bring the same kind of love and care in the music that I make, the show that I present/produce, the reviews… that I write, for sharing with these music fans out there. THANK YOU! By the way, I eventually did become aware that I had reached my email quota and that messages sent to me were actually bouncing, sorry about that, it has now been fixed 🙂

Special thanks to Eiman M (loved the rose and the music card!), Rick Stuart (thank you for that live session a few weeks back that led to a lot of amazing things), Paul Holloway (thank you for featuring my music on your brilliant Saturday Showcase on Pure Radio), Vicky Richardson (thank you for letting me pick a song to be part of your great playlist on AllFM) Richard Wagenaar (The Netherlands), Tracey Edges (England), Billy Kelly for having my music on this week, Lily Louche (2 hours at Band on the wall, you read my mind, and then two hours at NorthManchester Radio with the lovely Lou), Jonny and Suhail (thank you for inviting me to perform), Cath D (for turning up at one of the gigs, great to see you!).