To a happy 2016 and positively unforgettable year!

Happy 2016! To a wonderful (yes full of unexplored beauty!), healthy (with all the motivation to clear our bodies, mind and environment from toxic spoilers), prosperous (yes, I mean bountifulness in your finances), enriching (filled with self-fulfilling discoveries) and positively surprising (like realising you are much more than you thought, you can much more than you imagined and you will much more than you dreamt of) year 2016.

Happy 2016!

2016 has so much in store for me including a greater crossroad than I had expected, forcing me to make a life and music choice.That does not stop me from writing my second album (almost finished), starting to take some photos for it in only a few weeks, start recording and of course tour to both promote the debut album and introduce these new songs until dates are agreed for the release and the tour. There is so much to do and so much excitement already with this, so I am eternally grateful for each moment of YOUR lives that is spent giving me any support. Be blessed to the fullest this 2016!

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