Tiki Black at the Big Slice 2014, Night and Day Café

The Big Slice put on gigs including at the Night and day Café where they recorded this performance by Tiki Black. They now also have a radio show, a tv show. They can be seen online via their website and social media. They say: “It’s about talent. It’s about passion. It’s about feeling. It’s about substance. It’s about a drive to create something worthwhile. It’s about what we love and what we love people to hear. It’s about giving you a slice of something nice. It’s The BIG SLICE.”.

Tiki Black performs songs from her debut album at the Big Slice 2014 on February 21st. Songs include Swollen. The organisers of the Big Slice 2014 have recorded the performance and it is available on Mixcloud and YouTube.

Tiki Black – Live @ The Big Slice – 21st Feb 2014
by The Big Slice

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