TiKi Black - Night & Day cafe - 10th October 2012 - (C)MoonSHineMcGee photographyWhat does Christmas mean to you? blog mmmmmmmmdouceurs-maison asks. Let me share a blog extract with you:

“What is the link between artist Lokua Kanza, architect Suzanne Pasquon, counsel Michelle Mpacko, Chef Guy Dongué, writer Nguyen-Berthrand Matok, artist-painter Natacha Benoist, journalist Jean Grace Moutassi, the customer service officer Stephan Trouillet and artist Tiki Black …?

Mmmmmmmmm, but they are among those who share with readers of mmmmmmmmdouceurs-maison, giving them
their vision of Christmas.” Click here to read the first part of this Christmas gift all in sharing where thy speak about what Christmas means to them (the article is in French)

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