we are poem

we are poem –

We are our own people
since when do we reflect on another’s mirror?
we are a proud people
since when is another’s weakness our power?
we’re a people of the mind
since when is ignorance our accepted bliss?
we’re a people of the heart
since when is the cover our book?

This must be a dream
for I cannot remember when it all started
but just in case it is real
just in case it is my today

I want to remember
we are a people, we are present
we cannot be denied
we are a people for the future
we are a people of the movement
we are a people of evolution
we are a people of revolutions
why are we standing still?

(c) Tiki Black

we are poem – info

Two little words, and a little poem that I wrote to remind us as humans that we exist beyond the institutions we create. I am annoyed at the way that the very institutions we create to remind us of and uphold our equality and aspirations and to protect us from our weaknesses and threats is the very same that denies us as humans, as children of possibilities, and is erecting us one against the other on bases that are as shallow as they are illogical.

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