The best live music in Manchester at the Thirsty Scholar, England

Tuesday Tony’s Thirsty Scholar open mic is one of my favourite in Manchester. Tuesday Tony, the host, organises a great gathering of talents on Tuesdays. The venue really reflects its name and Tony makes the experience rewarding for his dedication. It was a great gig but and I had the opportunity to meet Edwin Miles (looovvee “I gotta say”), Alex Carrington (totally dig “Bones” (like 🙂 ), Raven and The Lyon (lovely pair) and Alex Chow (give him a guitar and sit back). I know the venue can be noisy but somehow it gave it a sense of cosiness and comfort; obviously it does help to have a great host.

Tuesday Tony Presents… The Best Live Music in Manchester (on a Tuesday) Thirsty Scholar (Yes, the best live music in Manchester)

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