Performing at Mello Mello Cafe is a privilege: between a venue with so much character, an audience that loves their music, organisers so attentive, I felt connected and in my element. Going there with my friend, pianist and composer Korlan, was just the cherry on top. The show started later than expected which meant we started running out of time. So I decided to cut my bit shorter so the main artist of the night, Jude Waldman could play on time. The evening was brilliant with artists as diverse as entertaining. I had a great time, met great people, reconnected a little with myself and was lucky enough to be included in a Glasswerk review of the Jude Waldman show and support acts. A member of the audience came to me and made a comment, something about my music being “a breath of fresh air” (thank you) and that is all it took for me to write the song Out of the Black!

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