Spiral Earth Reviews Out Of The Black

The online music magazine Spiral Earth Reviews Out Of The Black, my debut album and is the first one to do so too!

After 600 postal mails and emails (and continuing) trying to get my music out there, the wait is all the harder when you know that those who receive this one have a pile of them already and will still have more. The proliferation of music, due to easier and cheaper access to recording, has excited me as a music fan, maker and promoter but has made it harder on music reviewers to get through to the music.

You understand therefore my amazement at being mentioned in a tweet from Spiral Earth reading…

Spiral Earth Reviews Out Of The Blackyeah!

Out Of The Black

The voice is the instrument that draws us in, it can challenge or comfort us, awaken us or lull us, inspire or reassure. Tiki Black has a voice that can do all of this and more…Warm, embracing and timeless’. Spiral Earth

This is an extract of the incredible music review of my debut studio album “Out Of The Black” by Iain Hazelwood of Spiral Earth, also featuring, embedded in the article, the music video for Open Your Eyes, Tiki’s debut single. To read the full article, please follow the link http://www.spiralearth.co.uk/news/Review-story.asp?nid=7970.

Spiral Earth is an online folk, roots and alternative music website based in the United Kingdom. It features album reviews, festival reviews and music features and is edited by Iain Hazlewood.

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