Silence No More featured in The soundtrack of a new film

My song Silence No More only got and get itself selected to be included in a poignant short film entitled Silence (written $ILENC€) by multi-award-winning filmmaker Glad Amog Lemra.

The new film is in white and black and has no dialogue. That emphasises the music and the contextual sounds and makes it all the more poignant as the cineast and his actors set the scene for a number of muffled crimes that have been plaguing the dawn of an African renaissance.

I was hesitant at first. The theme is close to my heart and there is no doubt that the song’s theme touches on these, these very silences. In all honesty, my issue was mainly that I did not want the song to be just about this. There is silence not just in the most screaming atrocities but also in the most deceptively serenities, from Europe to Africa, from America to Asia. I have never been a fan of creating songs that marginalise. My creations endeavour to speak of what affects all individuals for I refuse to be part of a group if ever that means excluding another person. However in the end, I had to realise that it was not about choosing a camp (thankfully). It was not about siding with my mother over my brothers and sisters. It was siding as much as I could with justice, and lending my voice to something and people I believed in. This revealed itself to be the honour and privilege my hesitations almost made me miss.

I realised most of all that I had indeed finished writing my song and released it to the world. From the old town of Manchester to the open port of Douala and from the anime studios of Japan to the malls of New-York and beyond, my song belonged to the world to fill in the blanks left between the lines with their own story. And just like the world, it all started in Africa.

The film is premiered on the 14th of June in Paris, France. A review of Silence exists here.

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