Out Of The Black Album Launch - Stockport - Tiki with fan Paul FogartyThe Blue Cat offered to host my Out Of The Black Album Launch and so the lovely Stockport venue was adopted. The idea was to have a launch outside of Manchester to prepare for the Manchester launch and just to see the interest in the first place. Familiar faces were gathered for a cosy time with very special guests and amazing musicians Darien Crossley and Jonathan Tarplee coming to support their colleague and further musicianship from Rachel Bourke aka Little Rach improvising on the Cajon for the title track of the album. It was great to see and share with some familiar faces, in particular, Bolton-based Paul Fogarty, my first autograph and arguably most dedicated fan. A great time basically! JTMusic’s article was the cherry on top with this review of the show at http://jtmusic.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/tiki-blacks-album-launch-support-at.html

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