Junior’s Cave Interview with Indie Singer/Songwriter Tiki Black

Tiki Black - Photo 2 by Double Take StudiosThe following is an extract from an interview that I gave to Junior’s Cave and that was published for their Early Spring 2013 Edition Music Now Spotlight:

Indie Singer/Songwriter Tiki Black is the perfect poster child for what it means to be a genuine Indie Performer. Black’s music speaks to a generation that needs a voice that knows their pain, joy, achievements, failures, and struggles. She sings from the heart, and Black’s music pours out her soul to her listeners. Open Your Eyes (Tiki Black’s Official Music Video to her fantastically crafted single) showcases the reason why this publication is in love with this artist’s music.” Check out this recent interview we completed with Tiki Black as she reveals why music is her love. Click here to view and read the full interview by Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA.

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