Interview on All Business Media FM

Invited on All Business Media FM to introduce what it is that I do. The artist always itch at the idea that they are also a business. However, this was my opportunity to reconcile creativity and entrepreneurship under the umbrella of my story. 8 minutes is all that was available and when one thinks about it, that was more than the 15 seconds elevator pitch that our busy world normally has time for. Within minutes on the interview I was given feedback on the audience response by way of rating and within days of the interview, the following podcast was available which I am able to share with you.

It is interesting to hear this back as the seemingly posed voice had been panting moments before as I was rushing to escape the noises of Manchester Oxford train station that I had just left behind me. Finding a corner of quietness in what is undoubtedly (in spite of the postcode) the city centre of Manchester often means ending in corner darker that you would prefer but this is among the extent of what I had to do to ensure this long distance conversation with someone I had never spoken to before, with an accent that was foreign enough to me, in a programme that I was not familiar to that extent with, did not end up more bugged than it needed to be.

Coming to think about it, I felt there was a need to provide a transcription since some of my friends, uncle Google included, have never quite been the best at (active) listening without visual prompt. 😉

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