Happy New Year 2021!

I hope 2021 is just like this picture, a spot of light in the dark.

A new year, 2021 not being the least, forces the mind to assess its life, or at least to review its past year. I looked and saw the tank in which I swam. The waters surrounding me take me back and forth from my workplace to my house. This aquarium is closing in and I felt so drained. My ambitions for empowering the world through arts suddenly had to take a back burner to my own little drama. I tried to ignore it, to distract myself, with all the matters of entertainment that denial may invent.

Sometimes, it is healthy to wallow in the dregs of pain to undergo every stage of grievance as they should. But there is a point where it can all only keep you down. In any case, we should eventually move on. Saying that, it is not always easy. And to come up with a method that will help me through this one little “game” at a time takes a very lot. Anyway, this is the first little “game.

I’ve thought about it long and hard (no phrasing!). If I were a superhero, I’d be a ❤️ so that saying “I ❤️ U” would hug away the frost of the likes of winter, the isolation of the likes of Covid, the frustration, the grudges, the anxieties and fear, the uncertainties; and hug back in the reminder that we are and can more than we know and make it a point of our journey to discover and fulfil ourselves. In a season where lights, gifts and cheers bring hope, here’s me wishing with 3 simple little words.

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