First screening of my new Open your eyes Music Video

Screening of the new Open your eyes Music Video

My first music video ever was for the  track ‘Open your eyes’. The short film was first screened as part of Hotchpotch Manchester on 13 May 2012. It is directed by Austin Brothers Ltd. The award-winning filmmakers are a talented trio that explored the song lyric, feel and melody in their depth and looked to create a visual framework and a multi-media experience that complemented rather than overtook the song itself. The resulting video packs uncountable hours of work to set the music into an environment that undergoes weather and temperature changes, devastation and rebirth, paralleling the character in the lyrics.

Open Your Eyes Music Video

Interview with Matt Austin about the Open your eyes Music Video

During the premiere, there was an interview with Matt Austin but it is the Kino Shorts Q&A for Open Your Eyes John Robb Interviews Matthew Austin
Matt Austin’s interview about this exceptional short movie is available on YouTube. In this, he explains to the interviewers the requirements they had to meet not just to raise to their own expectations and beyond their previoous achievements but also to stay true to the message conveyed by the songwriter and performer. The critical reception of the video has been amazing as Matt highlights and he speaks about the work versus money that can be put in a film. “Open Your Eyes” was screened at Kino Shorts 28 on Tuesday 20th November at the Three Minute Theatre (3MT) in Affleck’s Palace Manchester.

Kino Shorts Q&A for Open Your Eyes Music Video

Behind the veil: Behind the scene for Open your eyes Music Video

Alongside these two videos is also a slideshow of inspirational behind the scene shots, taken by photographer extraordinaire Kat Kynes. Kat captures the whole experience, from the make-up stage to the after and in-between filming parts. There are also video stills from Matt Austin as well as phone captures taken by other video participants especially in the kitchen.

In addition, Dan Austin has also put together a special effects show revealing and the video itself (posted 23rd of June 2012) is available at

The single for the Open your eyes Music Video

The single ‘Open Your Eyes’ is available on iTunes, Amazon and all major retailers. You can find more about the song, including its lyrics, chords and what the press has been saying about it right here on this website at Open your eyes (song).

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