Fatea Magazine Reviews Out Of The Black

Out Of The Black Album CoverAs she reviews “Out Of The Black”, Tiki Black’s debut studio album, on behalf of Fatea Magazine, Gemma Hirst notes:

“I enjoy Tiki’s live acoustic instrumentation, simply stunning as it draws you in. The use of the piano and string instruments is for me, hypnotic it sends me on a journey.” 

The full review is available at http://www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/2013/TikiBlack.html

FateaFatea Magazine is published since 1990 and exclusively available online since 2005 to further acoustic-based music and promote the best of new and established bands to a wider audience. It features news, reviews, live events, interviews, gossip from in and around the acoustic scene. It is only one of the websites published by Fatea, created by Neil King, the majority of which linked to furthering acoustic based music in a not for profit capacity.

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