Brandon Scott interviews Tiki Black for MGN

Brandon Scott interviews Tiki Black for MGN: “Her profound lyrics and beautiful vocal and piano arrangements are quickly garnering this singer-songwriter global respect, as her debut single ‘Listen’ soars up the charts.

It is a paradox that fragility, pain, fear and struggle are, in fact, the greatest fuel an artist can have. Few demonstrate this knowledge more than Tiki Black, a singer-songwriter who was raised in France and Cameroon and currently lives in Manchester, England. Her passion for words and music sustained her during challenging teenage years when family hardship forced her to become self-reliant. Her songs reflect her many and varied experiences and her multicultural influences. Tiki crafts profound lyrics with beautiful piano arrangements, to produce a captivating, rich sound. Audiences are taking notice. Her debut single ‘Listen’, a ballad written and delivered in the style of an African storyteller, has vaulted up the national and international radio charts. Tiki is now finalizing shows in the UK, Europe and North America to promote her debut album ‘Out of the Black’. Reporter Brandon Scott caught up with Tiki recently to learn more about this extraordinary artist and her plans for the future.’ Read the full interview here.


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