BBC Stoke The Wildcard The language of Music 23 April 2019

BBC Radio Stoke On Trent The Wildcard The language of Music 23 April 2019

The privilege to partake in music, especially for the hour it takes to share it with an audience via BBC Stoke on Trent, can only be embraced. So once more, I get to speak with you the language of music. If you remember, not long ago, I presented my first “The WildCard: The Language of Music” radio show it in January 2019. Once more, I get to air a playlist of beautiful music directly, I hope, to your lungs, to your hearts. There is so much life in music, life that begs to animate memories, sensitivities and sensibilities. The recording is available for a limited time via BBC sounds. You can search for The Wildcard The Language of Music 23 April 2019. Or you can go directly to

The playlist remains as varied as ever. At times, it explores some of the Canadian rich singer-songwriting contributory legacy. It wakes the child within with made up languages and sounds of precocious gifts. Topical waves reflects it passion for acknowledging and fighting injustice wherever it lurks. A multitude of genres express it, from classic to fusion, from instrumental to acapella to music.  We hear the writers and composers perform and the interprets  giving new life to classics. The masters showcase their genius by extracting the simple essence of loveliness and lightness. Separation no longer has the bitter notes and after-taste of revenge or selfishness.

Artists come from Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Canada, China, the UK, the US are some of the countries represented. Jazz touches, Romantic composition, Electro-World Fusion are among the music styles played. Each gives us a multitude of perspectives as Music paints the best of our world in its colourful rainbow.

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