I am one of those fans of anime, animated pictures with undeniable Japanese accents. It is in France that I fell in love with their energy, their original perspective, their ability to connect with many unexplored and sometimes unknown facets of the child in me, when they were introduced for the first time in Europe. They reflected a way out of the constraints of reality, a reality that turned out to be the institutions we supposedly forged to protect us, rather than life itself. And that was the liberation, I was not escaping life, merely trying to express it just as I felt it without the censorship of our judging rules, not because I did not believe in discipline but because I believed in myself and my ability to know where and when to stop.

It was only a matter of time before I released an animation of one of my songs. Having pondered for a while the impossibility of my plans for an animated picture made from scratch, especially after receiving various financially crushing quotes, I opted for a different tactic. After much search, I came across a very talented video editor, expert fan of animes and sensitive to the power of music and we concocted this wonderful anime music video of my song Escape.

Editor’s notes: The animes used do not belong to us and are from Utada Hikaru’s Exodus Fluximations and Kämpfer 1. In addition, even though, as you see and hear, they seem to have been created one for the other, they were created completely independently one from the other.

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