Ananze – a testimony that warms the heart

On the 6th of April last year, I was invited to perform at the Coeur A Coeur Acoustique in Paris by the promoter, writer and beautiful person Chantal Epee. It was a deep and amazing moment to me. The audience made me feel special and I recently received this fantastic testimony from fellow singer-songwriter Ananze. She just made it all worth it for the stirring effect of her feedback. It takes as much courage and strength to let oneself go as it does to write this words. THANK YOU for these beautiful words and for letting me publish them

ananzebatangatestimonytranscription (French): … j’ai reçu ton message ce jour là comme un signal.  Tes chansons “listen”  et “open your eyes” m’ont travaillées ma soeur.  Tu sais je ne m’étais même pas rendue compte que je ne respirais plus depuis des mois tellement j’avais mal intérieurement. Je pensais pouvoir continuer comme ça indéfiniment mais j’ai craqué et heureusement car il le fallait. Je prends le temps de me reconstruire aujourd’hui et je te remercie infiniment d’avoir été ce déclic. J’espère que j’arriverai à organiser cette rencontre musicale dont je t’avais parlé ce serait un moment merveilleux.  Love.  Ananze 

Tranlation (English): I got the message that day like a sign. Your songs “listen” and “open your eyes” worked on me, my sister. You know, I did not even realised I had stopped breathing for months so much I was hurting within. I thought I could go on like this, indefinitely but I broke down and thankfully so, because I needed to. I’m taking the time to build myself again today and I thank you infinitely to have been the trigger… Love . Ananze

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