2016: New year wishes?

As 2016 begins, we lose some giants (David Bowie) but somehow their legacy continues to show us a silver lining. With that renewed strength, I look forward to the the exciting great ventures that start to unfold.
– I am writing my second album and in a not long I will be able to get you to listen to samples of some songs.
– My first album is continuing its journey on the radio and gigs especially being listed as one of 150 favourite albums by RKC https://medium.com/@RadioKC/rkc-s-2015-favorites-150-tracks-3b49a6e13e#.i3tepp7hw. It is also being played on NetRadio, and lately on the Jazz Lounge Show on K107fm Community Radio.

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Posted by The Jazz Lounge Radio Show on K107fm Community Radio on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It is a surprisingly exciting feeling I have for the months ahead, in spite of no certainty, the usual rejections that now feel more like “Ask now  receive later”s, a loss of income that should make me panic but that somehow I have come to accept as what a heart attack would not pay for and a number of other ways that seeing life’s obstacles as challenges for your betterment can sometimes be the greatest challenge. I have come to think that the child in me never parted staying awake hoping not to miss the blessings by falling asleep.

Yet I am still hungover (or should I see hung over) the collaboration with Jo Bywater. I had guessed between the strings of her guitar and the lines of her text a passion that I would never have dreamed she would share on my works. The time taken, the passion put in, I can still feel it along with so much gratefulness. So there is a blessing I have so not missed I am still raving about it while many have moved on. Truly it must take time to sate off the deepest fruition. This is the feeling I want to continue to have, to feel and to share in 2016

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